Annoying Hip Pain at Night

Hip Painful Skeleton X-ray, 3D Illustration.So, imagine this. It’s bedtime and you are laying down in bed, but you can’t seem to get to sleep. You are tossing and turning, and there is no way to get comfortable. The sharp pain in your hip makes it so that you can’t lay in any direction without feeling of discomfort. Hip pain at night is more common than you think, and there can be many causes, some that have nothing to do with your hip. Let us examine the possibilities.

Causes of Hip Pain at Night

Joints wear down with age and can become damaged. Often, cartilage wears away and tendons and muscles become overused. But if you are not elderly and have never had an injury as far as you know in this area, it can be puzzling to think that this would be the cause of your hip pain. There’s a good chance it is being caused by something else.

  • Bursitis – this causes a sharp intense pain that shoots down the side of the thigh
  • Tendinopathy – this could be any disease of the tendons, and because tendons stabilize the hip and pelvis, diseased tendons can easily cause hip pain
  • Arthritis – this is a pain caused by inflammation, and there are many types of arthritis; some caused by wear and tear and others by autoimmune diseases
  • A back problem – many times pinched nerves or any damage to the spine can cause pain elsewhere in the body, especially the hips

Tips & Tricks to Prevent & Relieve Hip Pain

Luckily, there are ways you can improve your night’s sleep and lessen the pain of your hip at night. Follow these tips and tricks to find the ones that are right for you.

  • Try a new mattress – older mattresses lose their shape in their ability to support your spine and pelvis properly
  • Try gentle hip stretches before bed
  • Try icing the area during intense pain
  • Make sure you stretch before and after exercise
  • Try over-the-counter pain medication
  • Talk with your doctor about chronic pain treatment

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