The shoulder joint is one of the most prone joints in the body to feel pain. This is not only because it has the widest natural range of motion, but also because problems in your neck, back, or chest can easily radiate to the shoulder. Unless in the case of a serious injury, there are some simple ways you can relieve your shoulder pain.

Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

There are three simple home remedies for general shoulder pain. The most obvious is to rest the shoulder. That does not mean keep your shoulder completely immobile, but take a break from any heavy lifting or sports for a few days. The second thing you can do is use an ice pack to soothe the pain. Cooling a sore joint or muscle will control inflammation, which causes much of the pain. Lastly, over the counter medicines can do the trick for a couple of days if it is not a chronic condition.

Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Is your shoulder pain achy? This is most likely a muscle strain. Muscle strains can be worked out through some stretches you can perform at home. Getting the blood flowing will improve healing and flexibility. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds, and do this daily until the discomfort subsides.

  • While sitting, reach towards your shoulder blade and lock hands. Then, pull the hand with the sore shoulder slowly until you can feel the stretch.
  • While standing, reach around and grab the opposite elbow, gently pulling at it until you feel the stretch reach your shoulder.

These can be performed several times a day.

Help for Chronic Shoulder Pain

If your shoulder does not get better with these remedies, or you are experiencing shoulder pain and injuries often, it may be time to see a doctor about it. Some injuries can cause damage that requires physical therapy or even surgery.  Contact Performance Orthopaedics for an appointment by calling 214-705-2861.