I had severe pain in my shoulder and was not able to perform my daily routines. However, after my consult with Dr. Diehl, we chose a steroid shot and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

C. A.

Happy Patient

Injections in Frisco, TX

At Performance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we offer injections to treat acute and chronic joint pain for our patients.  The three types of injections we administer are cortisone injections, steroid injections and visco injections.

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections diminish immune system activity and reduce inflammation. In fact, steroids are often used to minimize inflammation for several inflammatory conditions in shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, hands and wrists, feet and ankles.

Visco Injections

Knee osteoarthritis is a condition that can negatively affect your lifestyle. Fortunately, there are effective non-surgical treatment options available. One such effective treatment is visco-supplementation injections. The visco injections lubricate bones and help joint loads.

When Will I Notice Results?

A common question we are asked is when will the results of the injection be noticed.  Because each patient’s body reacts differently, there is no one answer.  Our orthopedic surgeon will discuss with you the best case expectation during your visit.

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