strong ankleWeak ankles are prone to injury. Many Americans today are experiencing ankle pain caused by weak, inflexible ankles. For the elderly, weak ankles can lead to a fall causing a much more serious injury. Our ankle specialists team has worked with many patients experiencing ankle pain.

Ankle pain does not always mean surgery is in your future. One of the non-surgical options is to simply strengthen the ankles.

Ankle Exercises

A decent exercise routine works all aspects of your body, advancing equalization, quality, and relaxing. Notwithstanding, how often have you incorporated strengthening your ankles in that schedule? The vast majority of people will state never. Ankle strength and flexibility enable us to run, bounce, walk and move. Ignoring your ankles in your workout routine may hurt you in the long run. The suggested exercises listed below will start your path towards stronger, more limber ankles.

  • Use Your Stairs- On the off chance that you have stairs of any sort; inside or outside your home, they can be important to strengthening your ankles. One easy exercise includes remaining on the edge of the stairs and clutching the handrails. Your foot sole areas will hang off the edge, and you will lift them so you are on your tip toes and hold for 10 seconds. At that point, you will extend the other way, giving foot rear areas a chance to drop the extent that you can for 10 seconds. Do this six times.
  • Resistance Bands- Just like the stairs, resistant bands are crucial tools for strengthening many of your muscles and joints, including your ankles. A plantar flexion is the most used exercise, but there are anymore.
  • Swimming- This is the most effective way to train your ankles to be strong and flexible. Swimming promotes aerobic exercise as well as the flexibility of the ankle as you move through the water. It lightens the impact on the ankle which is helpful especially for those who have limited mobility or joint pain. Consider making a regular trip to the local aquatic center if you do not have direct access to a pool.
  • Simple Jump- This exercise is actually a piece of plyometric training; a fancy way of saying jumping to strengthen muscles. Simply bend down and jump up, pushing up through your ankles. This action will both strengthen and stretch your ankles.

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