Health Tips for Golfers

To any casual observer, golf might seem like such a low key sport but the reality is that golf usually demands a lot from the player’s body. Players need a high level of muscle control to execute a great shot. Hip injuries are not as common as shoulder, back and wrist injuries among golfers but that does not mean that golf cannot take its toll on their hips. Due to the repeated pivoting and twisting motions that is required during the golf swing, there is a lot of pressure on a golfers hips. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint with a range of motion.


Golf related hip pain can vary in intensity and form depending on what the player has injured. Some joint pain that is commonly likened to arthritis might exist during play and might even linger after the game. This pain can be mistaken for arthritis but they suffer from a torn cartilage.
The main cause of the pain is the high amount of pressure that is placed the hip joint and the muscles in that area during the swing. An external rotation during the swing can put strain on the joint. The speed of the swing can also put stress on the hip.

Eliminating hip pain

By maintaining proper posture as you swing such as keeping a straight back, balance distributes on both legs equally and shoulders wide apart will not only reduce the amount of strain but also improve your playing results.
Stretching the hip muscles before your came can prevent injuries. During the warm up exercises start with the deep abdominal muscles to make sure they are working correctly during your swing. Properly loosen and stretch the back and hips in all planes of motion.

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The intensity of the injuries to the hip can vary. Minor strain of the muscle can be alleviated by using pain relievers, resting and icing the joint. If the pain is consistent, contact us for further examination and also for more information about the treatment options available.