As we age and form habits, our hands can occasionally fall victim to ill effects of overuse. Simple, repetitive tasks, such as typing or physical labor, can result in our hands remaining in fixed positions for too long; this can cause joints, muscles, and tendons to swell and stiffen. That’s why it’s important to perform simple exercises to increase hand mobility — and avoid pain!

hand mobilityHand Mobility Exercise #1: Wrist Extension and Flexion

This is a great exercise that won’t annoy your co-workers. Place a rolled up towel on a table and set your forearm on top of it. Let your hand hang down, off the edge of the table. Move your hand upwards until you feel a gentle stretch. Now, flip your wrist over and complete the same motion.

Hand Mobility Exercise #2: Wrist Ulnar/Radial Deviation

Keep the towel placed at the edge of the table. Now, move your forearm so that your elbow is at a 90-degree angle and your wrist is on its side. Move your wrist up and down, exploring its full range of motion.

Hand Mobility Exercise #3: Thumb Flexion/Extension

Another easy one! Simply place your hand palm up. Now, take your thumb and move it to the middle of the palm. Repeat this motion until you feel a gentle stretch.

Hand Mobility Exercise #4: Hand/Finger Tendon Glide

This final exercise will give your fingers a full workout. Extend your fingers straight out. Next, make a hooked fist so your fingers touch their bottom. Return to a straight hand, and then make another fist. Finally, return to a straight hand once more, then bring your fingers to middle of your palm.

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